Using Pumpkin to Improve Gut Health

This year from our modest garden, we gathered 29 butternut squash and 29 kuri squash (some people call them hubbards)!!

(The good looking guy, with the funny hat and head phones in the photo, is my special garden angel.)

I love both the butternut and the kuris, yet any edible pumpkins, like those sweet little vibrant orange kuris that we grow are my most favourite.

Why? Because… besides being yummy and delicious, they are ‘highly beneficial’ for Blood Type Os like me. That means they rev up my metabolism and boost my immune system in amazing ways.

Knowing the best foods to eat for my Blood Type has been a big game changer for me. That, and getting rid of toxins in my body significantly improved my gut health and gave me a vibrant fun life back. Now I’m all about gut health, and love to help people figure out their blood type, how to eat the most beneficial foods possible for their blood type, and how to rev up their 7 elimination systems and get rid of toxic sludge.

Thanks beautiful kuri squash for reminding me how lucky I am to be so much healthier than I was, and for having the best-est and most fun-est job ever in my life.

BTW - We’ve only harvested 1/3 of our crop so far and already we have 80 pounds processed for our winter soups. Yay!!!

Did you know that 70 to 85% of our immune system is in our gut?

Did you know that up to 95% of our feel-good hormone, serotonin, is produced by good bacteria in our gut?

Did you know that science calls our gut our second brain, and that our gut health affects our psychology?

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