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Cerra Water Jugs and Filters - now available through CANARY WELLNESS


Cerra Water jugs carry a European Safety Certification for their plastics and technology, and truly do produce 8.5 - 9.5 filtered alkaline water with anti-oxidant, restructered water properties like my Kangen machine.  I love my SD 501 Kangen water machine, and I am equally loving these Cerra water jugs. Cerra Water is the most affordable, convenient way I've found to get such an exceptionally high standard of alkaline water.  The jugs are about the size of a Britta jug and are great for travelling and for your office. Animals love alkaline water too.


Did you know...

that two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg, determined that cancer and disease cannot thrive in an oxygenated alkalinized environment?







Learn how to make your own KOMBUCHA

You'll actually get your first batch started!!

Discover the cleansing, healing, energizing and detoxifying benefits of this probiotic elixir.  Kombucha nourishes your body, supports your immune system, digestive system, and elevates your mood!  

Class includes scobie, supplies, and TONS of health information about Kombucha, and other probiotic and enzyme rich foods to supercharge your vitality and health!


"Since drinking Kombucha every day for about two months, I feel fantastic and my partner no longer gets his chronic headaches and acid indigestion - we love our 'booch' and highly recommend your class!!"

TAMMY SMITH, White Rock, BC 





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