“Vibrant And Well, Right Down To Your Cells ”


(with frequency diversity sequencing)

Spending a little time in the soothing glow of wide-spectrum lights is an effortless way to reduce inflammation at a cellular level. When you take in these lights, their pulsing frequencies and vibrations increase your circulation, regenerate your cells, and repair your nerves. It can even enhance collagen production, making your skin more youthful and elastic.




~ How Does It Work? ~ 



All you need to do is sit still and enjoy a moment of rest in the comfort of your own home or one of our studio locations. While you do that, the light pads will stimulate a powerful domino effect in your body at a deep cellular level. First, nitric oxide will release from your hemoglobin into your muscle cells and load them up with oxygen.  Next, your blood vessels will increase in diameter, allowing for improved blood flow.  Your body will begin to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the very same fuel your food converts into, to supercharge your cells. Finally, cellular inflammation decreases while your tissue regeneration increases. That’s an extraordinarily beneficial state to put your body in!




LED Light Therapy is used to help support:

pain management, hormone balancing, nerve health including diabetic neuropathy, soft muscle tissue repair, digestion and gut health, lymphatic health, improved memory, depression, anxiety, PTS, eradicating parasites, reduction of calcification and bone spurs, beauty therapies and so much more.... 

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