“Vibrant And Well, Right Down To Your Cells ”

Ion Wave Detoxification Foot Bath

For pain relief, increased energy, and improved health



This spa-like treatment involves relaxing in a soothing footbath. But it’s a footbath with wonderful benefits, including the removal of toxins and heavy metals from your body. This detoxification treatment clears the lymphatic system, improves liver function, and reduces the yeast that can cause cellular inflammation. Clients often report they have more energy and fall asleep more easily after their footbaths. Also, those with chronic muscle, joint, cartilage, nerve, and tendon pain often experience a blissful sense of relief.


~ How Does It Work? ~ 



In the comfort of your own home, office, or our studio locations, we’ll set up a simple ionic solution footbath for you that draws healing ions up through the bottom of your feet to the cells where they are most needed. This safe, painless non-invasive technology opens up the vital bioelectrical pathways of your cells, and allows them to better absorb nutrients, hydrate, and let go of waste.


As the toxins and waste let go, the colours in the footbath water begin to change.  The changes vary from person to person and can indicate what organs and systems are releasing.  For example, certain colour changes can indicate liver/gallbladder stress, heavy metal toxicity, the overgrowth of candida, and strain in the musculoskeletal system.  With consecutive treatments, you'll start to feel better, look better and even think better.  That's good news!!

And because the colours in the water can be indicating the organs and systems with toxic overload, you'll also learn simple ways to begin a cleansing lifestyle that can support those specific organs and systems and boost your energy and vitality.



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