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Blood Typing "Eating Right For Your Type"

 For increased energy, weight loss support, and reduced inflammation and bloating




Ever wonder why one person can eat something and not gain an ounce while another person gains five pounds just by thinking about it? Research shows that each blood type has its own signature chemistry with food.  That means that certain foods can create toxic lectins for one blood type and not for another. These toxic lectins create inflammation in the gut and joints, that can then cause unexplained weight fluctuations. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these toxic lectins can glob up (agglutinate) blood cells and nerve tissue. When that happens, foggy brain and lethargy ensues. But discovering your blood type can empower you to make the nutritional decisions that will make healthy weight maintenance easier than you ever dreamed possible.



~ How Does It Work? ~ 



We’ll come to your home or office, or you can simply come to one of our studio locations, and we'll lightly prick your fingertip and extract a droplet of blood to determine your blood type, right then and there. Then, you will learn what foods are the “toxin lectin producers” that you are best to avoid, and what foods are highly beneficial, because they will boost your immunity, super-charge your metabolism, and reduce your intestinal bloating.


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