“Vibrant And Well, Right Down To Your Cells ”

Hello, I am Ingrid Sterling.

I founded Canary Wellness because I am perpetually inspired by the idea that anything is possible—including radical physical transformations at any age. Several years ago, I was in the fight of my life for my own wellbeing. I was overweight. I felt tired, gross, and stuck. I was also alarmed by the encyclopedia’s worth of chronic health issues my friends and family members were dealing with. Many loved ones ignored the canaries in their coalmines until they were being cut open or prescribed heavy-duty pharmaceutical cocktails that robbed them of their vitality. I worried, “Is that where I’m headed?” I knew it was time to take the reins of my health back.



By focusing on my gut health, reducing candida, detoxifying with ionic detox footbaths, eating right for my blood type, and repairing cellular damage with the LED light therapy, I turned the tide. I lost 50 pounds of excess weight without dieting, and my energy levels zoomed back. Beyond that, I felt like I had gained a new lease on life. Today, my relationships are healthier, my self-image is positive, and I throw myself into new opportunities with less fear and way more happy anticipation. This is one gal who wants to keep her canary singing!



I can’t wait to hear your song.



Here’s to possibilities,




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